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Brownfield Rejuvenation

Our client focus are marginal field owners who have acquired what is usually termed as “sub-economic” marginal assets by IOCs and are trying to redevelop these fields profitably.  RFS will provide expert evaluation and proffer solutions for full value chain Field Redevelopment plan (FRP) for these Brown Oil and Gas Fields.

Greenfield Development

RFS is highly experienced in providing expert Planning for Development assessment leading to cost effective and timely development concept. We minimize unproductive time typically wasted post exploration/appraisal phase and provide solutions that will timely bring new production on stream from Greenfields. Providing our clients with field development plan concept  that effectively and efficiently utilizes prescribed production facilities  thereby minimizing field operating expense and ensures timely recovery of Capital Expenditure.

Project Funding

RFS provides unparalleled experience in innovative project funding structures.  The Company will partner with our client to achieving a healthy repeatable and reputational relationship backed by technical integrity with financial institutions to structure funding agreements that results in a WIN-WIN for both our client and the financial institution.

Peer Review

As a technical center of excellence staffed with very highly experienced staff with vast experience in the upstream sector, RFS will provide in-depth technical reviews of company’s in-house processes, strategies and technical work to confirm that industry best practices are being adhered to and desired outcomes are achieved by in-house teams. Our team of highly experienced geoscientists and engineers, do not tell the clients what they want to hear, we simply tell the truth.

Value Chain Evaluation of Oil & Gas Assets

Key part of RFS analysis during field development/redevelopment planning stage is to assess the ability to develop full value chain opportunities for the asset.  We have capability to explore end to end opportunities such as Refining, Petrochemicals, Gas to Power options during the planning for development phase.

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